specialist in air
specialist in air

Repairs and returns

The performance of a company is not only measured against its quality and reliability of the delivery of products, but also against other logistic processes, such as repair processing times and returns.


For more efficient and faster processing of aformentioned processes Vostermans Ventilation has decided to use the attached forms for returns and repairs. We strongly recommend enclosing these forms with the consignment. We also would kindly request you to register each consignment with our sales department in advance.


For repairs please fill in a form for each product seperately, including a clear description of the problem.

Returned products can be noted on 1 form.


The latest version can be downloaded here from our website:


DOCX iconRepair shipment


DOCX iconReturn shipment


Replacing the bearings


Learn in this video how to replace the bearings of direct driven fans.


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