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Multifan Basket fan

Multifan Recirculation basket fan

Basket Fans from Vostermans Ventilation are in many cases an ideal solution. Because of the wide range of diameters (ranging from 50, 63, 71 and 130 cm) and the variable capacity, these fans can be applied in different building structures and under a variety of circumstances:


  • circulation of cool air to improve the working climate
  • in combination with air extraction fans in order to refresh the air constantly and remove warm air under difficult production circumstances
  • in wet conditions in the case of aggressive fumes



  • Available diameters range from 50, 63, 71 and 130 cm 
  • Various frequencies (50 Hz, 60 Hz)



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Dairy Fan

Multifan Dairy fan

Vostermans Ventilation developed several specific solutions for dairy houses. The Dairy fan, with a diameter of 1,30 meter, creates fresh air around the animals, so that heat stress problems can be solved and the milk production stays optimal. With a high throw of 141 meter, a high efficiency and an air volume of 46.300 m³/h at 0 Pa, the Dairy Fan offers several unique advantages.




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Beyond standard range custom orders possible.

More details available on request.


Vostermans Ventilation also offers EMI Basket fans, go to EMI Basket fans.


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