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specialist in air

Inlet shutters

Vostermans Ventilation puts an inlet shutter on the market for agricultural and industrial applications. This motorized inlet shutter causes air to enter the room in a controlled way. In fully open position a relatively large amount of air, in comparison to traditional air intake systems, will flow into the room. However, in closed position the shutter lets almost no air and light through. Because the motor is mounted on the inside of the shutter, the installation is easy. The double bearing suspension of the louvers ensures a long life.



  • The shutter closes quietly
  • The illumination is reduced to a minimum in closed position
  • The shutter remains closed during air pressure fluctuations (wind)
  • The influence of dust on the moving parts is reduced
  • Mounting is easy with standard tools
  • Standard delivery with motor



  • Continuously the desired quantity of incoming air
  • Less sensitive to wind influences
  • Relatively low pressure drop for incoming air
  • Longer lifetime of the various components
  • Shorter installation time and maintenance
  • Guaranteed performance




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