specialist in air
specialist in air


New: Multifan Tramontana

Space 2018

VIV Europe June 20/22

Greentech Amsterdam June 12/14

British Pig and Poultry Fair

Beat the Heat

Vostermans Ventilation participate at VIV MEA

Multifan and EMI fans for industry

Space 2017

Impellers made of engineering plastic for over 50 years

Reduce your energy consumption

VIV Russia May 24, 25

Multifan introduces the Vplus with permanent magnet motor

Long term ventilation solution in poultry housing Poland

EuroTier 2016

See our innovations at VIV China 2016

Innovations from Vostermans Ventilation at GreenTech 2016

ECplus: Intelligent fan for high energy savings

Closing dates during Christmas 2015

Removal of heat of high voltage transformer coolers with fans

Multifan fans in mobile sprayunits

Multifan Basket fans withstand harsh conditions

Participate LIVE in the GreenTech Summit!

Multifan 130 fans applied during a special exhibition

Productselector Vostermans Ventilation

Preventing heat stress with the Multifan Dairy fan

Mf-Flex engineered solution for transformer cooling

Test results Multifan V-FloFan: high energy savings possible!

Multifan fans: important part of heaters

Crop protection for large surfaces with Multifan

Greenhouse test facility with hydroponics and Multifan

Air circulation essential for dairy farming in Middle East

Lower noise level with Multifan recirculation fans

High throw important for factory recirculation

Multifan 130: easy and local installation

Impressive pig project with the Fiberglass Cone Fan

Interesting seminar about the role of air circulation in buildings

Multifan quality impresses at VIV China

Alternative motors for the High pressure fans

Unique combination Multifan fans in poultry houses in the Middle-East

Multifan Basket Fan 130 for multiple applications

Multifan Dairy fan applied in shadow shelters for dairy

Efficient solutions for OEM customers

Vostermans Ventilation Sdn Bhd present at VIV China 2014

Can you save more energy with your fan control system?

Introduction of the Multifan Tube Fan 130

Growing interest Multifan V-FloFan in broilers

Refreshing fans at a festival

New greenhouse fan distributor in North America

Fiberglass Cone Fan line part of the Innovation Gallery

HighTechGreenhouse 2020: Energy savings of 24%

Which Fiberglass Cone Fan is suitable for your house?

Discover the Multifan innovations during VIV Europe 2014!

Save energy in poultry houses

The 5 extra advantages of the new V-FloFan

Air volume important for tomato grower in Middle East

North American broiler house equipped with Multifan Tube Fans

Low maintenance costs for factory ventilation

Multifan Casing Fan 92 offers wind for sailing

Cost saving at minimum ventilation

What you always wanted to know about the Intelligent Fan Drive?

The secret of durable equipment

The way to increase safety: Mf-Net override switch

FAST™ ways to save energy

6 steps to a quick and easy installation

Easy-to-fit Multifan Tube fans in African pork house

Wide selection of Multifan fans for different ventilation concepts

Improved coverage important for Phalaenopsis orchid grower

Optimal air distribution in turkey rearing house

New dairy house equipped with Multifan Dairy Fans

Availability 460/480 Volt Multifan fans

Multifan Mobile Fan applied in snow machine

Successful meetings at Space 2013

Conveyor systems equipped with Multifan fans

Multifan Recirculation fans applied at fresh fish market

Multifan 130 Cone fan with 5 blades for layers

Multifan fans applied in water-cooled air conditioner

Multifan air circulation in de-icer units

D&B Rating 1 for Vostermans Ventilation B.V.

Information stickers on fans and motors

Multifan dealer creates unique showroom for visitors

Positive results in greenhouse with the Multifan V-FloFan

Positive impression at VIV Asia 2013

Successful participation Agrofarm 2013 in Moscow

Energy savings for rearing layers

Introduction of the Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan 54” (140 cm)

Intelligent Fan Drive part of energy saving project

Vostermans Ventilation participates at High Tech Greenhouse 2020

Vostermans Ventilation participates at High Tech Greenhouse 2020

Successful participation at EuroTier 2012

Intelligent Fan Drive: a new generation intelligent fan drives

Multifan Energyline

Multifan V-FloFan: vertical ventilation for poultry and piglet houses

Minister Maxime Verhagen opens R&D Factory

Multifan V-FloFan: vertical ventilation for greenhouses

Directives of European Union fans

Company video Vostermans Companies

Floriade Innovation Cluster: greenhouse growing for the future

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