specialist in air
specialist in air

The experiences of the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive: "I never expected energy savings this high"

IFDThe last two years, tests have been running at pork grower Hans Verhoeven. Besides of being a pork grower (300 sows, 1.400 piglets), Hans also took the initiative to start producing pork meat in a durable way. One of their goals is to realize an energy neutral pork house.


"Energy savings at our company is environment friendly and also results in cost savings every day again. Participating to a test with the Intelligent Fan Drive was obvious, because of the expectations of energy savings of 60%", according to Hans Verhoeven prior to the test.


The existing fans controlled by a triac control are replaced by Multifan fans with control of an Intelligent Fan Drive. Hans Verhoeven about the results: "It exceeded our expectations: MORE than 80% energy savings! I am convinced to state: it works and will keep working".    



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