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New: Multifan Tramontana

Multifan Tramontana


We introduce our latest innovation: The Multifan Tramontana. This mobile fan, named after the strong and cool northern wind phenomena, combines high performance, suitable for the most demanding environments, with high flexibility in transport, maneuvering and positioning. 


The Multifan Tramontana has a diameter of 130 cm, can be used wherever ventilation or cooling is required and is ideal for applications where smaller portable fans do not last. It can be used to extract dust, heat, smoke and many more fine particles in a wide range of applications, such as the industry, agriculture, construction and commercial sector. In addition, it is ideal to use as emergency ventilation in case of unexpected or extreme circumstances.


The fan is resistant against aggressive climates, meets the required safety demands and is designed to be the best mobile fan on the market:

  • Easy to move around and transport due to high quality durable wheels.
  • Handles on both sides, for easy maneuvering.
  • Positioning flexibility: The fan can be tilted, max. 18º upwards and 10º downwards.
  • High quality IE3 motor and infinitely variable speed control. This offers fully adjustable airflow and results in significant energy savings. 


To illustrate our reliability we offer a 3-year warranty for the Multifan motor-drive combination. 









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