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Multifan V-FloFan: vertical ventilation for greenhouses and poultry houses

Multifan V-FloFan With the Multifan V-FloFan Vostermans Ventilation offers an optimal solution for vertical ventilation. The air distributed by a conical outlet and spread over a large surface. The fan is easy to mount and maintain.


In modern greenhouses the warmth is distributed optimally through recirculation with the V-FloFan. The V-FloFan offers the grower the opportunity to control the humidity level on crop level: the vertical and horizontal airflows create an active microclimate on the leaves. Because of the adjustable height of the conical outlet, the V-FloFan can be applied for several crops and cultivation systems.



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In poultry houses the V-FloFan offers the possibility to use the warmth in the top of the poultry house. A significant energy saving can be realised, especially with young animals. Because of the low airspeed on animal level the animals do not experience any nuisance and a uniform climate is created. The V-FloFan can be applied for broilers, turkeys, ducks and layers.       



PDF iconDownload the brochure V-FloFan for poultry houses



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