specialist in air
specialist in air

Interesting seminar about the role of air circulation in buildings

That was one of the reactions of the participants after the seminar "Recirculation of air in poultry and pig houses" during the VIV China Summit 2014. KT Lim and Philip Lenaers presented about the different aspects of air circulation in Chinese and English for an interested audience. Different aspects were explained during the seminar:


  • Fan performance
  • Resistance curve
  • Characteristics recirculation
  • Trends in recirculation
  • Fan applications


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There was a lot of attention for vertical ventilation with the Multifan V-FloFan and ceiling fans for poultry houses. The most important advantages of the V-FloFan were explained by Philip Lenaers:


  • Optimal microclimate
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Dryer litter
  • Energy savings


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