specialist in air
specialist in air


Here an overview of all brochures from Vostermans Ventilation can be found and downloaded.


PDF iconBrochure Vostermans Ventilation


Multifan fans

PDF iconMultifan brochure

PDF iconMultifan 60 Hz Technical data

PDF iconMultifan 60 Hz CFM Technical data

PDF iconMultifan System-1

PDF iconMultifan System-4

PDF iconMultifan Tube mounting fan

PDF iconMultifan Tube Fan 130

PDF iconMultifan High pressure tube fan

PDF iconMultifan Casing Fan 92

PDF iconMultifan 130 Galvanized box/cone fan

PDF iconMultifan Fiberglass Cone Fan Line

PDF iconMultifan High pressure filter fans

PDF iconMultifan Recirculation fan

PDF iconMultifan V-FloFan

PDF iconMultifan V-FloFan for poultry

PDF iconMultifan Mobile fan

PDF iconMultifan Stage fan

PDF iconMultifan TurboPro

PDF iconMultifan Mobile Turbo fan

PDF iconMultifan Basket fan

PDF iconMultifan Dairy fan

PDF iconMultifan Ceiling fan

PDF iconMultifan Grill mounted fan

PDF iconMultifan fans for power transformers


Mf-Flex fans

PDF iconMf-Flex brochure

PDF iconMf-Flex Technical specifications

PDF iconMf-Flex Replacement motors


Mf-Net Control equipment


PDF iconMf-Net brochure


Frequency controllers

PDF iconVLT Agro Drive


Triac controllers 

PDF iconMf-Net Trilink-2t

PDF iconMf-Net Trinc-1



PDF iconMf-Net SEA 3.15 & SEA 6.3

PDF iconMf-Net STW & STD



PDF iconMf-Net T15 series & T10~3

PDF iconMf-Net ETD-S


Stand-alone controllers

PDF iconMf-Net ETD-C

PDF iconMf-Net AEW 6.3

PDF iconMf-Net AEW-D 10


Main controllers 0-10V

PDF iconMf-Net Master-5


Modules 0-10V

PDF iconMf-Net Relink-2s

PDF iconMf-Net Relink-2c

PDF iconMf-Net Relink-3i


Override switch

PDF iconOverride switch

PDF iconMf-Net Manulink-2


Motor Protection Switch

PDF iconMotor Protection Switch (MBS)


Varifan controls

Varifan ECS-controllers


PDF iconVarifan ECS-3C

PDF iconVarifan ECS-5C 


Varifan Variable speed controllers

PDF iconVarifan MVS-1C

PDF iconVarifan SA-10C

PDF iconVarifan VSD-1C

PDF iconVarifan VSD-1MC


GENIUS controllers





PDF iconGENIUS iTouchSeries




PDF iconFarmQuest Online monitoring and management network


PDF iconShutter

PDF iconMotorised Inlet Shutter

PDF iconAxial impellers C-system

PDF iconAxial impellers G-System

PDF iconAxial impellers K-System


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