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specialist in air

Varifan controls

Varifan ECS-controllers


The ECS-C series are designed to accurately control the climate of a room by monitoring the temperature and operating equipment such as fans, misters, heaters and inlet actuators. 


Varifan ECS-3C 




Varifan ECS-3C




2 variables, 1 single speed                                        




Varifan ECS-5C



2 variables, 3 single speeds

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Varifan Variable speed controllers

Vostermans Ventilation Inc has several variable speed controllers for controlling fan motors in its delivery program:


 Varifan MVS-1C





Varifan MVS-1C





Manual variable speed controller

 Varifan SA-10C





Varifan SA-10C





Variable speed controller based on temperature






Varifan VSD-1C





Variable speed controller






Varifan VSD-1MC





Variable speed controller with manual override

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GENIUS controllers

Vostermans Ventilation Inc has several controllers in its delivery program:


 Genius GE-25LE





Genius GE 25LE





Controller with 5 relays and 2 variables 

 Genius GE-28





Genius GE 28





Controller with 8 relays and 2 variables


 Genius GE-420





Genius GE-420 Series





Controller with 20 heavy duty relays and 4 variables

 Genius iTouch series







Genius iTouch Series







Controller with touchscreen and wireless connection to Internet or a PC 

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FARMQUEST: Online Monitoring and Management Network 

FarmQuest, an internet based management service to farmers, allows you to operate from a web page equipment used in livestock buildings and greenhouses, such as ventilation, heating, lighting, feeding, weighing and access systems. FarmQuest gives you the management tools you need to easily optimize your operations.


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