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Multifan Galvanized box fans

Vostermans Ventilation Inc has three types of galvanized box fans:


Multifan Casing fan 92

Multifan Galvanized Box Fan 92  

To support the minimum ventilation in greenhouses, poultry and pork houses, Vostermans Ventilation Inc introduces the Galvanized Box Fan 92. The Galvanized Box Fan 92 is characterized by a compact execution and is delivered as a complete unit, easy to install. The direct driven fan is more efficient and needs less maintenance.



  • Air volumes at 0 S.P. range from 10,300 CFM to 11,950 CFM (available as 50 Hz fans)
  • Includes CE-approved grill at the motor side
  • 3 year warranty for the fan (shutter and wireguard are not included)



Galvanised box fans 130

Multifan Galvanized Box Fan 130

Through the aerodynamic design of the Galvanized Box Fan 130, Vostermans Ventilation can offer a very energy efficient fan with high air volumes (26,840 CFM at 0 S.P.). Tunnel- or length ventilated houses demand, through higher product performances higher quantities of fresh air at low cost.



  • Air volumes at 0 S.P. range from 26,700 CFM to 23,200 CFM (60 Hz fans)
  • Optional cone and wireguards available
  • Controllable with frequency controller
  • The Galvanized Box Fan 130 is available in 3-blades and with 6 blades. A 6-blade version is applied for higher pressures in poultry-or pig farms (0.25 SP up to 0.45 SP).



MF GB140 3 Persp achter

Multifan Galvanized Box Fan 140

Because of the increasing demand for high air volumes and pressures, Vostermans Ventilation extended the line with the Galvanized Box Fan 140. This fan also has the same qualitative properties as the Galvanized Box Fan 130.



  • Special aerofoil design of the blades and inlet radius 
  • Low energy consumption, compact design and optimal motor-impeller combination
  • Guaranteed efficient airflow, measured in our windtunnel and external test facilities (amongst others BESS Labs).


The stable construction consists of high quality parts with an excellent corrosion resistance by a special coating.

The construction and dirt-repellent material guarantees a long lifetime and proven reliability in extreme circumstances.

A larger version of the fan in combination with an aerodynamic impeller results into a pressure stable Multifan Galvanized Box Fan 140 with an airflow of 15,500 CFM at 110 S.P. 
















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Beyond standard range custom orders possible.

More details available on request.


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