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EMI Tube mounting fan

Tube mounting fan

EMI Tube mounting fans are applied for integrating fans in pipes or vents for optimal ventilation. The fans can be suspended horizontally as well as vertically. The application of these fans is not limited to integration in a vent pipe for livestock buildings. EMI tube mounting fans are also used in hot-air blowers, air humidifiers, inlet and outlet pipes, and are available in many diameters to meet customer requests.





  • Available diameters range from 12" to 36"
  • Available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Air volumes at 0 S.P. range from 825 CFM to 10,830 CFM (50 Hz fans)
  • Air volumes at 0 S.P. range from 1,325 CFM to 11,240 CFM (60 Hz fans)



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Vostermans Ventilation Inc also offers Multifan Tube mounting fans, see Multifan Tube mounting fans


Beyond standard range custom orders possible.

More details available on request. 

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