specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air
specialist in air


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With “Specialist in Air” as core business, our brands include:  



Multifan axial fans are highly durable, efficient, trustworthy and include in-house manufactured motor and impellers.



EMI axial fans of high quality with in-house manufactured motor and stainless steel impellers, used as a specific ventilation solution

MF Flex 4 supports



Mf-Flex offers a flexible motorline with a wide range of applications, mainly industrial.

Mf-Flex motors and motor accessories can offer custom solutions


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Mf-Net Frequency controller Frelink-4f


Mf-Net is an open modular control system with an input/output signal of 0-10V for agricultural and industrial applications. The Mf-Net program includes variable speed controls, climate controls and accessories (e.g. alarm equipment). 



Varifan control equipment for livestock applications. The Varifan program includes intelligent programmable software upon customer request. The main advantage for the customer is customized input/output.


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