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Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive saves more energy than frequency controllers

At a pork farm in Western Europe, the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive has been compared with a traditional frequency controller. By using the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive energy savings of 10.2% were realized in comparison to a traditional frequency controller. Surprisingly, but also expected the application of the FAST™ software resulted into energy savings mainly during the winter: the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive was 30% more efficient with regard to the energy consumption in comparison to the traditional frequency controller!


At the test farm, 2 departments with 100 porcs each are ventilated with a Multifan 6D63 tube mounting fan. Controlling the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive as well as the frequency controller is realized by the same main controller. Because of the installation fo the tube mounting fan close to the central hallway, the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive could be mounted in the central hallway (the maximum length of the motor cable is 2,5 m). In this application the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive is equipped with a Mf-Net override switch and Mf-Net motor protection switch. 

Intelligent Fan Drive Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive





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