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Shaping the future
Shaping the future
Shaping the future


The Multifan and EMI fans have already proven to be durable and reliable in swine confinements. Because of the controllability our fans are applicable for minimum- and maximum ventilation. The Multifan and EMI fans can be applied for several ventilation systems: cross ventilation, tunnel ventilation, combiventilation etcetera.


The Vostermans fans have been designed for high corrosion resistance even in the most aggressive environments. Whether ventilating for large sow complexes or nursery pig facilities, Vostermans can provide the solution to keep the air fresh and the pigs cool.



Vostermans Ventilation Inc has several applications in program, such as:


Multifan Panel fan 50 Hz 50er no grill


Panel fans

Multifan Tube fan 50 Hz



Tube mounting fans




Multifan High pressure fan 92


High pressure tube fans




Multifan Galvanised box fan 92


Galvanised box fans




Multifan Galvanised cone fan 3 blades


Galvanised cone fans




Multifan Fiberglass Cone fan


Fiberglass fans



Multifan Recirculation basket fan


Basket fans


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