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Shaping the future
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specialist in air


Axial fans from Vostermans Ventilation can be used in various applications for industrial cooling. Vostermans Ventilation has a lot of experience with cooling high voltage transformers, condensers, cooling units, compressors, heat exchangers and nozzle- and spray systems.


Depending on the application the customer can be offered a custom solution with an optimal motor-impeller combination, taking into regard air volumes, pressure differences, energy consumption and/or sound level.

Because of the wide range of mounting options the Mf-Flex fans can be applied in a flexible way in various applications.


For industrial cooling, Vostermans Ventilation Inc offers several types of fans:



More details available on request.



Cooling high voltage transformers 

Vostermans Ventilation developed Multifan fans for cooling power transformers. The shape of the tube with a built-in fan are designed to obtain an optimal airflow. The specially constructed tube made of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) are UV resistant, corrosion proof and light-weighted.


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