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Vostermans Ventilation Inc

Vostermans Ventilation, Inc., formerly Multifan Inc., is a division of Vostermans Ventilation Holland. Vostermans Ventilation B.V. develops, manufactures and distributes the following products:



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Vostermans provides applications for agricultural and industrial purposes:



greenhouse ventilation






Pluimvee ventilatie





Varkens ventilatie






Melkvee ventilatie






Ventilatoren voor koeling 




Ventilatoren voor verwarming






Ventilatie voor industrie







The experienced staff of Vostermans Ventilation Inc is dedicated to meet all of your ventilation needs. Whether it be designing new systems, solving a technical problem or assisting you in the purchase of your equipment, you can contact us for the best service. 


USA events 2018

South Dakota Pork Show

1-10 / 1-11

USA, Sioux Falls


1-10 / 1-12

USA, Baltimore


Minnesota Pork Congress
1-16 / 1-17

USA, Minneapolis


AHR Expo
1-22 / 1-24

USA, Chicago


Iowa Pork Congress

1-24 / 1-25

USA, Des Moines


Illinois Pork Expo
2-6 / 2-7

USA, Springfield


Missouri Pork Expo
2-6 / 2-7 

USA, Columbia


Midwest Poultry Federation Convention

3-12 / 3-13

USA, Minneapolis


MJ Biz Conference
Spring 2018


7-14 / 7-17 

USA, Columbus


MJ Biz Conference
Fall 2018


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More information:

Please, contact our Vostermans Ventilation Inc. team for more information: 

Tel: +1 309 827-9798

Toll Free: 800-458-5532

E-mail: ...







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